Advertising Policy

  1. All advertisements and publications of a commercial nature are independent of editorial decisions. Jurnal Kegawatdaruratan Medis Indonesia does not endorse any product or service marked as advertising or by sponsors in Jurnal Kegawatdaruratan Medis Indonesia publications. Editorial content is not compromised by commercial or financial interests, or by any arrangement with a specific advertising client or sponsor.

  2. Jurnal Kegawatdaruratan Medis Indonesia will not accept advertisements for products or services that are known to be harmful to health (eg alcohol products or other illegal products).

  3. Advertising must not deceive or mislead anyone.

  4. Ads will be removed from the journal's website at any time if the Editor in Chief or Publisher requests its removal.

  5. Jurnal Kegawatdaruratan Medis Indonesia will not allow specific campaigns to target specific articles. (Advertisers may not link to articles using keywords; they may not target ads for specific products provided that they appear in the same location and at the same time as the specific article that mentions that product and they may not refer to articles published simultaneously. with advertisements).

  6. All advertisements must comply with the relevant Indonesian laws governing.

  7. Editorial decisions will not be influenced by current or potential sponsors and advertisers, and will not be influenced by marketing decisions. Advertisers and sponsors have no control or influence over the search results that users may make on the website based on keywords or search topics.