Journal of Rural Community Nursing Practice (JRCNP )is ready to accept research article manuscripts. JRCNP publishes articles from literature review studies, empirical research results, program evaluations, and case reports that focus on health and nursing practice in communities and families in rural areas. This journal also accepts commentaries who review articles that have been published in the last three issues that have been published. JRCNP is published in March and September.

    Meanwhile, JRCNP also accepts editorials for writers specially invited as guest editors in this journal issue. JRCNP also publishes articles related to developments in nursing practice and education in rural area communities, theory development, methodological innovations, legal, ethical, and public policy issues in rural community health, and the history of rural community health and nursing worldwide.


    Acceptance of manuscripts throughout year, with publication period:

    1. Volume 2 Number 1 : March 2024
    2. Volume 2 Number 2 : September 2024


    1. Submitted paper must match the template provided.
    2. References to a minimum of 15 articles, 80% of the latest journal articles from the last 10 years.
    3. References are written using the reference manager application, in APA style format.
    4. Maximum plagiarism check results are 20%.
    5. LoA is given after going through a review and revision process.

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